Career Transition / Outplacement Services

Planning the Notification Meeting:

Wellington Partners has the expertise to assist your organization in the development of a thoughtfully planned and delivered notification meeting. The respect and compassion displayed by the organization is observed by remaining staff which in turn enhances company moral.

On-site support is available for both the individual and the employer at the notification meeting.

Career Transition Program:

Our programs are delivered in a one on one setting and are personalized to align with each individual’s situation and needs. This approach allows us to teach individuals how to move forward in their job search while building their confidence to make good career decisions.

We provide individuals with a solid understanding of how to leverage current technology during the job search process, while teaching innovative marketing and communication techniques for conducting a successful job search.

Program Overview:


  • Introduction and review of program objectives
  • Self Assessment – to identify functional, transferable, special knowledge and self management skills, as well as key accomplishments in preparation for resume development
  • Mapping a career direction for moving forward

Resume / Document Development:

  • Designing resumes that speak to the target audience while highlighting job skills, qualifications and personal contributions
  • Aligning resumes to comply with the current technology utilized by employers in their resume screening processes
  • Preparation of personalized cover letters and reference documents

Marketing & Networking:

  • Using a strategic approach to conduct market / industry research and identify potential job opportunities
  • Understanding and utilizing current online job sourcing tools and techniques
  • Social media and professional networking strategies

Interview Skills:

  • Communicating effectively to highlight job skills, qualifications and personal contributions
  • Preparing for behavioural, situational and competency based interview questions
  • Negotiating Job Offers - knowing the market and your worth

Program Duration & Fee Structures

  • Wellington Partners offers a variety of program durations and fee structures to align with the individuals’ needs and your organizations’ requirements.

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